Welcome to Defined Design

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” Paul Rand

Welcome readers! We love design in every aspect; interiors, products, and the people who create it all, so welcome to our design blog about it all.

Let us introduce ourselves…

Hello design savvy readers! My name is Anat. I was born and raised in California, and always felt drawn to the amazing influence of cultures in every aspect of design. My educational background is in Interior Design, as well as my personal interests in all things design related. I currently work for a commercial Interior Design firm, and own a pillow design company called Poshe Home. My love for textiles will be very apparent in my posts to come! Can’t wait to begin this journey of defining design.

My current inspirations:


My love of color is shared with this amazing designer/artist Frank Stella. You may know him from his 1970’s color-block large canvases. His fun use of color and great bold geometric patterns make me happy! He inspires my childlike senses, and reminds me that simplicity of shape and color can draw interest and emotion effortlessly. Love him!

Places that inspire:

As you can see I have a strong addiction to color and my first post will of course discuss India an amazing cultural land where amazing textile and fabrics are born. Their colorful culture and convivial country is inspiring all its own but Holi is a celebratory festival where colorful pigments are thrown at one another to commemorate a Hindu demoness. All I know that my next trip is going to be to India during the Holi festival. Color, color, and more color.

Things that define design…

Well as you know there is such an abundance of thought evoking design elements everywhere. At this moment I find the Spring Color Block trend just addictive. Its great use of color and bold silhouette inspire me to go out and buy a great pair of pink jeans and some yellow shoes. Oh and don’t worry it will be seen in Fall 2011 too!

Thanks for stopping by…

Hello all! I’m Kristina. I was also born and raised in California. I studied Interior Design at CSUN along with Anat. I currently work as a freelance designer and am working on building my own clientele. I am soooo excited to go on this Defined Design journey with you all! I can’t wait to show you all how we DEFINE DESIGN!

What inspires me you ask?


I am so inspired by designers that do EVERYTHING. I aspire to be one of the Kelly Whearstler’s, Jonathan Adler’s, and Nate Berkus’ of the design world. It is so inspiring to see designers that are devoted to their craft, as am I.  From Design Firms, home boutiques, home product lines to TV shows what more could you ask for in a designer? So inspiring.

Nate Berkus


Barcelona, Spain. Always wanted to go there. I will one day soon!  Love me some modern Spanish interiors and historic architecture!

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia Basilica by Antonio Gaudi


As a designer inspiration can be found everywhere! I am truly inspired by organically shaped furniture pieces and objects. Organic pieces especially in modern interiors really make a space feel less cold and more intriguing.

Hope you enjoyed our first post! Come back and visit us! To start we will have two new posts a week.  We look forward to your feedback! So what inspires you? What is your definition of design?

Until we meet again!



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4 responses to “Welcome to Defined Design

  1. Patty Lopez

    LOVE IT!!!!! 🙂

  2. Karina Trujillo

    Congratulations ladies! You two are inspiring women and I look forward to new posts!

  3. anthony

    Looking forward to to your slant on style !!

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