Art in our streets

Hello Defined Design readers!

This past weekend Kristina and I had the pleasure of visiting the awesome and memorable Art in the Streets exhibit at the Geffen Contemporary Museum in Downtown LA. The exhibit showcased  Graffiti artists, contemporary urban artists, and various works inspired by Los Angeles rooted art movements. The design of the exhibit was interactive, and eye catching. The exhibit gave a brief history of where tagging and Graffiti started and showed how far it has come since. The spectrum of the artwork and the layout of the exhibit not only evoked our senses but also has us in suspense for the next show.

Barry Mcgee

Cosmic Room

Love this!


This is the last week for the exhibit so be sure to check it out!

Till next time…




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2 responses to “Art in our streets

  1. rina

    Anat i love this post now i want to go and see this exhibit it is really nice to see this kind of art!!!


  2. Ana

    Thanks Anat. & Rina for fowarding me the info. Sounds like an AWSOME exibition . I’m sure gonna check it out along with my husband and son.

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