‘TIME’ for a Change

Hello Defined Designers!

I wanted to share this wonderful DIY project that my fiance surprised me with for my birthday. He ‘re-imagined’ my grandfather clock that was passed on to me by my dad. I have been nagging him for over a year to paint the clock to fit in more with our decor. (It is too sentimental to get rid of, so why not give it a new life?)

Why is this clock so special to me? When I moved into my first place my father decided to pass his beloved grandfather clock along to me. This clock was one of the first large purchases that him and my mother made when they bought their first home together. Being that my mom is no longer with us makes it that much more special.

Look at the clock in the 80’s:

Yes, that is a little me! So cute I know.

Now look at the clock ‘re-imagined’:

This was a great surprise! I love that he took the time to hand paint the wood carved relief.

Hope you enjoyed my wonderful DIY birthday surprise. So defined designers have you re-imagined a piece of furniture that has sentimental value to you or your family that didn’t quite fit your decor?



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2 responses to “‘TIME’ for a Change

  1. Evelyn

    I love this blog! It’s not meaningless chatter but true emotion and relevance to all of the defined designers.

  2. ellen

    Very creative! This is thinking outside the box. Will try to rummage through my storage to look for outdated finds and transform them to something modern and useful. Thank you for the idea.

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