Hello Defined Designers!

I hope you are all having an inspired week. This week I was browsing around on pinterest. I came across this fantastic chair from Crate & Barrel the ‘Ankara Chair’ and behold this post was born! I am digging the ‘shattered glass’ look! 

Ankara Chair from Crate and Barrel

Cracked Ice Chair from

Shattered Glass Wall in Berlin Apartment

Dress by

‘Shattered’ from

How I have brought this look into my own interior:

Broken Glass Artwork by ME!

How did I do it you ask? All you need is a blank canvas, painters tape, and paint. I did two different versions of this piece. First, I cut out long strips of tape for one piece and cut out triangle shapes for the other piece. Then I taped down the cutouts and painted within the voided areas. Lastly, let dry and peel!

Hope you enjoyed Defined Designers!



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