Tangoing with Tangerine

Hello Defined Designers!.

I am loving the color of the year “Tangerine Tango.” Take a look at the great pieces I found that could add a bold splash of color to your space.

Anthropologie- Howell Wing Back Chair

Jonathan Adler Whitaker Stockholm Saffron Ottoman

Jonathan Adler Queen Anne Orange Mirror

Thomas Paul Geo/ Metric Alcazar Pillow

Stray Dog Designs Fred Sconce Pumpkin Blush

Capel Rugs Serpentine Sunny Wool Rug

Aren’t these great! These pieces would make any space pop! Now your asking how can I use this great color in my space, and just the right amount of it. Take a look at the room concept I have put together:

Tangerine Tango Room Concept

This color is paired great with grey and blue tones and antique bronze accents. This color palette was inspired by a day at the San Diego Zoo. I saw the most amazing colored bird; the Secretary bird from Africa.

Now how have I introduced this great color into my space and life? Take a look:

Tangerine Michael Kors Ostrich Bag…. LOVE!

 My Bedroom: Crate and Barrel Orange Mirrors and Lamp. Hand made Mexican bowl.

Hope you all enjoyed! How have you all introduced this great color into your lives?

Until next time Defined Designers!


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